A robust, scalable & fully integrated application suitable for the most demanding business environment


  • Account Management
  • Contact Management

  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Bank Register
  • Deposit Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements

  • and much more ...

Multi Device Friendly


What is ?

is a fully integrated business application designed to put control of your business back on your hands.

One application to manage your entire operation from Quoting, Sales, Purchasing, Commission & Job Cost, Warehousing, Shipping ... all the way through your financials.

Cloud Based

is 100% cloud based computing!

We outsouce our VM Hosting to one of the world largest ISP and enjoy over 98% uptime. Additionally, to ensure minimal downtime, redundamcy is in place that allows us to replicate or mirror our VM in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

An added advantage, of course, is the ability to access your data no matter where in the world you are.

is a consiously developed application and it is not resource hungry, even if you were left stranded or with limited speed, you can still navigate at reasonable to satisfactory performance level.

Being on the cloud does not mean that it is wide open or exposed to the world to have at it, we use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) at a high level encryption to protect your privacy and that of your customers and employees.

As an added value, you have the choice to use your own domain name in lieu of and still enjoy all the benefits of our complete application; ask us about hosting your domain!

Project Management

This is perfect for those long term jobs that require more than usual attention, follow up, tracking, monitoring and means to separate all that is going on and yet, tie it all up within a single interface that allows you to easily navigate from one point to the next without leaving the project itself.

Within the Project Interface, the CRM is hard at work; activity related to the account is listed thus giving you a close look at how active the account is or has been.

Key Point Identifiers (KPI) are shown to provide a glance of what has happened with the project since insection.

Additionally, you can track all tasks and their respective status, Sample Check Out (requested/sent samples), Bids/Quotes (RFQ/RFP), Sales Orders, Invoices, and much more ...

One of our favorite feature is the consolidated products manifest, a block of data where all goods/services associated to the project are shown with direct link to the transaction in which the activity originated.


Producing a quote has never been this fast & easy

There is no limit to how many SKUs you can list within a quote. You can also include services or products even if they are not inventory items or none existent within your inventory database; this gives you the ability to customize your quotes to suit your needs and lets you get the RFP/RFQ out with minimum effort.

offers a comprehensive quoting interface with embedded inventory search capabilities to expedite the process of compiling the necessary information to render a complete RFP/RFQ.

Data entry assistance is provided throughout to further maximize your time and efficiency. There are so many built in features it would take a book to list them all, but rest assured, each feature has been carefully considered and added as they are meant to save you time, and, simplify your work flow.

Quotes do not reserve inventory nor suggest the purchase of inventory, this happens later should you win the bid and convert the quote to a Sales Order or Sales Order.

Quotes forms can be produced in three formats: Summary, Detailed, Extended (shown).

For your advantage, monitor your projected cost before you send out your bids, look at the embedded Job Cost module!


Enjoy the flexibility of processing full or partial billing - Bill as you go!

allows you to generate receivable invoices in two different ways, from Sales Order (Sales Orders) or via the direct billing module (Accounting-Accounts Receivable-AR Billing).

Invoices generated from within the Sales Order module are based on goods shipped and/or scheduled to be shipped. This allows you to do progressive billing, bill a job in part or in full.

The generating of these invoices triggers the posting to depleat your inventory based on what you have chosen to bill.

Both options of billing post to your financial ledgers or control accounts and are properly reflected on your Balance Sheet, P&L and Trial Balance; they are also posted to the AR Ledger.

Invoices generated from within the Accounting->AR Billing module, are what we call "Direct Billing". This is a quick and easy way to issue invoices without tying your billing to Sales Orders nor Inventory.

NOTE: No commission nor job costing is drawn from these invoices.

Track Expenses

Link & Track your expenses directly to & within the job associated to the expense

allows you track all expenses associated to a job within the job itself.

These entries are posted to AP Ledger and/or as General Journals so that they are properly reflected on your subcidiary ledgers and financial ledgers.

All expenses are automatically carried over to the Job Cost module as well.

Document or receipt can be uploaded to further help maintain full audit or paper trail identifying the true origin of said expense.

There simply isn't a better way to make sure that everything is accounted for!

Job Cost

Job Cost is automatically calculated as your data changes without futher input

comes with a Job Cost module which is embedded within the Quote, Sales Order modules.

This module is more like a widget or plugin; it monitors your data entry, sweeps through your activity and automatically maintains Job Cost figures for each job.

The Job Cost form is broken into five (5) areas

  • Total Sale Information
  • Posted Expenses Information
  • Cost of Goods Sold Information
  • Sales Reps and their respecitve commission information
  • Summary of incurred costs, expenses, total sale, profit/loss ...

Cost is drawn from your inventory as received. If multiple inventory items are used from multiple purchase orders, cost is calculated based on the used portion per purchased item thus rendering a true cost of goods sold.

The information is dynamic and it changes behind the scenes as you do your data entry.

Schedule Management

Monitor your daily tasks and scheduled installations

When you access your primary dashboard, all tasks related to you are shown. These tasks could be shown for any reason that determines the task is related to you or a customer under your portfolio.

Throughout the system, modules include embedded Task Management integration that are directly linked and accessible within the operational transaction. These tasks are kept within the scheduling management module and made visible as you access this module.

The schedule management has three layouts: List, Table and standart Calendar.

To help you simplify content display, you can use available filtering options to limit what is shown based on your particular need or objective.

If you are looking to find when and if a contractor is available or already scheduled for a job, you can simply identify the contractor and system will drop all tasks not associated to the chosen contractor.

Inventory Control

Flexible & yet powerful inventory management

uses what is known in the software world as "header" / "detail" infrastructure.

To you, this simply means that you will have one entry for each inventory item/product and from within this entry you will have access to all activities, purchases, dispatch/sales, stock level, locations, anything, and we mean anything, that ever happened with this product.

Inventory Management is visible and accessible from just about every other module in the system, other than your General Ledger, no other module is as integrated.

Our inventory system gives you a wide range of options for you to claim full control over your inventory, regardless of status, location or type.

Three noticeable features are: Private Labeling, Multiple Vendors and Up to five units of measure.

That's right, you can track your inventory in up to five (5) different units of measure!

If you pay close attention, you will quickly realize that these three are subjective preferred features, some may like better its ability to integrate with eCommerce Cart or having four different price levels, its embedded sample management feature or something as simple a being able to offer spiff/rebates within an user defined date range.

You use it, you'll love it!

  • Search your inventory using our built in filter mechanism
  • Choose to view 25 to 300 SKUs at a time
  • One click and review your inventory history, availability, locations, relationship to open order, open purchases, etc.
  • One click and replicate a product, handy for those products where multiple colors are kept
  • Data entry assistance throughout to minimize your typing and eliminate duplicity
  • No limit to how many SKUs you can have
  • Fully integrated with Sales Order, Quoting, Sample Management, Purchase Order, Job Costing and Accounts Payable

Multiple Warehouses

Manage any number of warehouses with relative ease

allows you to have as many warehousing facilities as you need, there are no restrictions. Built in features provide means to easily and efficiently monitor what you store down to the specific location within each warehouse.

Regardless of your type of business, you have the option to set sixteen (16) different time slots to split your work day into slots your facility is open; each slot is given a maximum number of loads and once this is reached, the slot is closed to prevent overbooking.

This is perfect for those of you that schedule inbound or outbound traffic/appointments and need to prevent from creating a backlog of traffic in your yard.

Our warehousing module stands parallel between the various types of business you can operate within .

For straight retailers with one or more warehouses, it has means to store your goods, receive and dispatch goods sold, transfer between warehouses, to mention just a few.

For those operating a public warehouse, added modules such as pick & pack, cargo receipt, cargo release, repacking and other daily warehousing functions are available.

Our Transportation Management System is also available for those of you looking for LTL, FTL, Rating, Tracking ... solutions.

Multiple Locations

One or any number of stores ...

is cloud based and as such, if you have internet access, a device and your favorite browser, your location is online!

You can have as many store fronts, agents, subcidiaries or however you wish to setup your business infrastructure.

is smart enough to distinguish and post daily activity for each of your locations and, where applicable, enforce any restriction you may have chosen to put in place.

For those of you with showrooms, however many, developement reflects over thirty years of experience in the retail industry.

You have control of the situation, you can tie in a warehouse to any number of stores or allow open range across your infrastructure.

You do not need to change how you operate your business, fits right in to help you automate and make your process a lot more efficient!


Pick & Pack

Intuitive Pick & Pack Module

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, procurement management, public warehouse or manufacturing, Pick & Pack is almost a daily occurance.

comes with built in components to eliminate the guessing out of this critical process. A Pick & Pack can originate from within a Sales Order, Cargo Release Order or from a simple Inventory Transfer Request.

Regardless of what or how it originated, you can rest assured that is set to keep data integrity and proper relationship between the Pick & Pack Request and the business transaction that triggered it.

Once a Pick & Pack has been requested, the request will appear on the Pick & Pack Dashboard. Once here, it can be edited to identify the packing used and select the SKUs and their respective quantities fit within each packaging unit.

If the Pick & Pack is linked to a Sales Order or Cargo Release Order, the dimensions and weight as entered in the Pick & Pack will be used by these modules when handling shipping of said jobs.

You can generate two forms from a Pick & Pack, the pick ticket and the manifest. Of course, the pick ticket is based on what SKUs were requested to be repacked; while the manifest is based on the packaging units and their respective content.

Inentory Transfer

Completely automated inventory transfer between warehouses


For an opperation with multiple warehouses, having the ability to move inventory between these warehouses is critical.

While you have the option to restrict sale across warehouses, you can also allow your staff to sell whatever you have regardless of where you store it.

Keeping up with what was sold, where is the stock kept, where do we need it and when do we need it is one of, if not the most, agrevating daily task for any retail or distribution company.

Proper inventory control and the ability to have data flow between your personnel and your company's departments is sure to save you a lot of headache, time and money.

Receiving the transferred inventory is as simple as 1,2,3. A dashboard lists all pending transfers, select the transfer off the dashboard and click on the cross-referenced goods per manifest.

Freight Management

Manage all of your shipping without using external applications

It is like having your very own Transportation Company!
It is like having your very own Transportation Company!

Our embedded freight management system is based on API integration with our partner CargoSAAS.

You have the option to use your own tariffs or our tariffs. With as little as two clicks, your shipping units are built and shipping quotes are fetched.

We offer rates from over 60 common carriers across USA, Mexico and Canada.

Whomever your carrier of choice may be, we likely already have API integration deployed, if not, we can contact them on your behalf and get our team of experts on it ...

Rates rendered are based on your contracted rates and are not altered in any form!

You not only can get quotes, you can book your shipments, produce delivery orders, bill of ladings, proof of delivery and track your shipment live as carrier updates their board.

Our embedded freight management system is based on API integration with our partner CargoSAAS.

You have the option to use your own tariffs or our tariffs. With as little as two clicks, your shipping units are built and shipping quotes are fetched.

We offer rates from over 60 common carriers across USA, Mexico and Canada.

Whomever your carrier of choice may be, we likely already have API integration deployed, if not, we can contact them on your behalf and get our team of experts on it ...

Rates rendered are based on your contracted rates and are not altered in any form!

You not only can get quotes, you can book your shipments, produce delivery orders, bill of ladings, proof of delivery and track your shipment live as carrier updates their board.

Ask us about custom shipping labels!


Account Manager

Easily manage your Customers, Vendors, Contractors ...

No CRM is complete without means to manage your accounts!

We refer to this table as The Master Index, one table where we keep all data related to the various types of accounts you may do business with.

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • Sales Reps
  • Carriers
  • Job Sites
  • Branches / Stores

One centralized table accessible via a single UI/UX. provides you with filtering options to toggle between the type of account you wish to work with and the screen content is drawn dynamically to render/gather account relevant information.

While in view/edit record mode, the CRM brings to the forefront historical data associated to the account providing you direct access to any of these transactions without need to navigate outside the account's profile.

Take for example the case of a contractor's profile; within, you will need to store information beyond the usual name, address and contact information.

Contact Management

Contacts are often the vein that give origin to most of your business

As you would expect from any CRM, our Contact Management module could be the bridge to all transactions associated to any given contact's profile.

creates the contact's profile as you do data entry and establishes the relationship automatically. The system allows a contact to have a relationship with any number of accounts and an account to have a relationship with any number of contact.

Being able to maintain a relationship with multiple accounts provides the flexibility often needed when you deal with brokers that bring you business from any one party and act as independent contractors.

When editing or viewing a contact's profile, you can easily identify all or any account profile to which the contact is assoicated with. Links are provided to allow you to navigate into any account or transaction listed.

You no longer need to generate reports and spend countless hours trying to put together how much business any one person brings your way, this can be done with a single click!

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